Sundown Auto Tint & Protection recently added auto paint protection film to this 2016 Chevy Corvette ZO6.

The auto paint protection film was fitted throughout the full car including full front bumper, full fenders, rocker panels, doors, and more. All the work was done in the XPel Ultimate Self Healing film. The Chevy Corvette ZO6 also received a high quality tint job using SunTek HP.

As a premier installer of quality €œinvisible€ film bras, Sundown Auto Tint & Protection uses the industry finest, professionally installed car protection materials, and we employ expert, certified, trained technicians to ensure that your vehicle will stay showroom perfect and well-protected from the elements for years to come. It is clearly a smart investment in the life of your car, SUV, van, RV, truck, boat or motorcycle.

Sundown Tint & Auto Protection
204 Trefny Ave # C,
Metairie, LA 70003
(504) 734-5224

It is clearly a smart investment in the life of your car, SUV, van, RV, truck, boat or motorcycle.

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